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Towny Server Rules

Discussion in 'Rules' started by LastGhost, Apr 18, 2017.

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  1. LastGhost

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    Apr 3, 2017
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    These rules only apply to the Towny Server. These will say what you may do as a mayor/resident, what you may and may not do in pvp and in chat. This is an Addon to the General Rules, which apply on every server.
    *These Rules may change at any time* (Updates will be posted here)

    Chat Rules
    1. No spamming (Caps and Tpa included)
    2. No begging (Including Money, items and anything else you may need)
    3. No Town invite Spam
    4. Be polite
    5. No excessive cursing
    6. No inappropriate chat
    7. No mentioning of sensetive subjects
    Afk Rules
    1. No afk farms
    2. No afk mcmmo-grinding of any sort.
    3. As a staff member (This includes: Supporters, Moderators, and Admins), you are here to help and not to sit around afk. Leave the server if you are going to be afk.
      The consequence to this will be a serious talk. If you as a player see this happening, report it, just as you would with a hacker. Time stamps would be great.
    Town Rules
    1. You have the right to say who is allowed on your plot (with the exception of mayor and co-mayor)
    2. You have the right to retain your stuff, and if a higher ranking town member (i.e mayor or co-mayor) takes your things without valid reason, that is stealing.

    3. You have the right to have your belongings if a mayor kicks you out; you have two weeks to collect your things.
    Guidelines for Mayors and Town Staff
    1. You have the right to make your own town rules, with the exception that they have to be within the boundaries of the rules. Making people pay in items, or forcing them to do something will result in the loss of your town ownership or town staff position.
    2. You have the right to kick players from your town, but you must let them get their stuff over a timeperiod of two weeks. (If they do not return by then, you may claim their things.) If they claim an embassy in your town, they may keep it. (This plot then applies to what you set as an inactive plot in your town. As an Example: You say after 2 weeks your plot will be cleared. This will bethe same for the embassy)
    3. You may not abuse your position or consatntly change town rules to your liking.
    PVP Rules
    1. If you agree to give someones items back after a fight, then do so.
    2. Do not toggle Plot pvp to kill for no reason. You may toggle it if a player is not leaving your plot/town after 3 consecutive warnings, which have not been spammed.
    3. If you are in the Wilderness you are agreeing to PVP
    4. Allow at least 2 minutes after someone leaves your town, before targetting them in the Wilderness.
    5. Teaming and grouping up is allowed, unless agreed on otherwise. (Dont be that person.)
    6. No PVP logging
    7. Official PVP Events will be hosted. Follow the rules which are given for those. If unofficial PVP events are hosted, rules for that should be followed as well. As the host we adwise you have a staff member with you to observe it.
    Other Rules:
    1. Do not place multiple Holograms in the same place. (SlimeFun Holograms)
    2. Do not place over 30 Skulls in one place, they tend to lag a lot.
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